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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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InnoLife Science is a digital publishing service that monitors the latest in medical life science from our Swedish, Danish and Norways universities / colleges, healthcare and private innovation companies. InnoLife Science builds Triple Helix, in this context, healthcare industry research. With our app / website, we first collect daily publications via social media. Here are recurring agreements and events about current topics.

We analyze medical startups in digital health(medtech. Here investors can find businesses, starting companies can find each othe. InnoLife Science Dk will be the nursing platform for digital health (medtech).


InnoLife Science

Ulrica Branning
Editor, Co-founder
Medicon Village AB
Scheelevägen 2
223 81 LUND

Phone +46 73 310 05 30

Email: contact@InnolifeScience.com

About us

The fast news channel for healthcare, research and industry 
(tripplehelix) in Sweden, Denmark and Norway with special 
coverage of the latest news from newly launched and unlisted 
small caps.

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Affibody Medical

Afffibody medical develops...

Imagine Care

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